May 1, 2013

Oh yeah it's an EP. We are really excited and all that, wohooo whooo. Here's a big load of filler text that I just felt like putting here. Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa qu...

May 1, 2013

Here's our latest video, from our new EP Tough Stuff

May 1, 2013

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New EP Tough Stuff

May 1, 2013

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Joakim: I started out as a percussionist learning the importance of rhythm. Then i moved on to piano which many would say is my second best instrument after singing. And for a couple of years ago i started playing the acoustic guitar, learning songs form artist such as Nick Drake, Bob Dylan and The Tallest man on earth who really gave me a taste for folk music and deep lyrics. The folk music is gone, but the deep melancholic lyrics managed to hang on to me and I always try my very best to write as honest and meaningful lyrics as possible. Even if they are a bit metaphoric sometimes.

Since I´m the songwriter and lead vocalist it has been a big challenge to learn how to play the bass. Theres a old saying that says ”playing the bass is the art of being seen but not heard” and that couldn't be more wrong. At least not in this band, haha.

For me, base is one of the most important if not the most important instrument in a band since it gives a whole new dimension to the songs. I love playing the bass in Joe & The Anchor, and I love how Robin and Ruben challenges me to step up my game since their both very talented string musicians. I constantly get new ideas and learn things from them both and am in a great need of a really good bass. Thats why I choose to play on my Fender White Mustang. A true beauty that you always can count on.

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Robin: I find my guitar roots both in the early and the the modern blues. I really enjoy mixing my playing style with various combination of pedals that'll bring a different type of dynamics and sound. I try to be an element rather than just an instrument, because I really enjoy the process of composing an atmosphere to our songs.

That's also one of the main reasons why I love to play in Joe & the Anchor, because we just simply know how to complement each other musically.

Viktor: I’m a very improvisational drummer - I never play the same thing twice. Well, sometimes I do. But I like to always try out new ideas, new ways to lift a song, and sometimes just new ways to play something really cool. Working with the band, I try to playing things that make sense with the music, but still add to it by playing something a bit out of the ordinary.

I grew up listening almost exclusively to  metal as a teenager, which definitely plays a role in how I think musically. I’ve always had an interest for the technical stuff, finding a love for all things progressive, but to a point where sometimes the challenge of playing something that feels rad would be more important than playing something that musically  makes sense.

So one of the things I’ve been working on, while finding more interest in jazz, funk and pop music, is really to not play all the stuff all the time, because there’s a time and a place for everything, and sometimes the best thing you can do is to stick to the groove and be the backbone of the band that your guitarist has been begging you to be for years while you try to practice death metal during you pop bands rehearsal hours. I mean, I still practise my blast beats though, but mostly on my own time.

Ruben: Having played music since I could fit inside an acoustic guitar, I have gathered inspiration from every corner of the musical arena. Rock and blues rock, most notably AC/DC and ZZ Top, dominated my first years as a guitarist, but while growing up I expanded my musicality to involve funk, jazz, prog, classical music and much more. Not metal though, I’m too hipster for that stuff.

Instead of sitting back and becoming to comfortable with what I already know, I always try to challenge myself musically by finding new inspirations and writing different music than I did the day before - and that is what Joe & The Anchor is all about.