Simon Peyron, HYDRA music

Simon Peyron is a swedish producer and songwriter, as well as the lead singer of Outtrigger. We're currently working together, writing and producing music that we are very excited to share with you soon.

Studio Möllan

Studio Möllan is a music recording studio in the heart of Malmö, where we've made ourself regular customers recorded the majority of our upcoming full-length album. Studio Möllan along with studio engineer Emil Isaksson has played a big part in shaping our sound on record.

Top Gear Scandinavia AB

A professional transporting company working with shipping, logistics, freight brokering and supply chains management. Top Gear Scandinavia has worked with Joe & the Anchor and supported the band financially from the start, for which we're very thankful.

Vidar Francke

Vidar Francke made the bands logo, and our song Green Eyes was used as the soundtrack for one of his videos. He is a freelancing illustrator and graphic designer currently based in the creative city of Malmö, Sweden.

Viktor Edsjö

Viktor is the band's drummer, but also a freelancing graphic designer and illustrator. He has created most of the bands artwork together with Joakim Rosenlund.

Adam Engel

Adam Engel is a friend and photographer who shot the music video for Smuts and the bands latest promotion picture.

Mattias & Marcus Thernström Florin

Film makers Marcus och Mattias Thernström Florin shot, directed and edited the music videos for our two first video releases, Keep Your Head Up High och I'll Risk It.


WOODCOAST is a production company owned by Sebastian Sandblad, focusing on music videos, event films and advertising films, etc. Together with WOODCOAST we shot the music video for Sin Against Sins.

Black Opal Talent Agency

Black Opal is the biggest agency for professional dancers and choregraphers in southern Sweden. They choreographed and performed, based on our ideas, the music video for Sin Against Sins.


Studiefrämjandet is where we started out rehearsing, since they provide easily available rehearsal spaces for bands in Sweden. Since then Studiefrämjandet has helped us with bigger shows both inside and outside the country.

Varispeed Studios

Alexis Rodriguez

Marcus Svensson

Alexis did the mastering for all the tracks recorded at Studio Möllan.

At Varispeed Studio we made our first professional studio recording, resulting in the first two singles Keep Your Head Up High and I'll Risk It.

Marcus mastered all the tracks for Joe & the Anchor's previous acoustic album, Still Alive.